The Similars

the-similarsThe Similars a fascinating story about clones that reminded me of Your One & Only gets a 3.5 for a promising start.

Emma returns to Darkwood Academy still aching from the death of her best friend Ollie. While everyone else is excited for the new students, Emma doesn’t care. So what if clones are coming the school? They won’t replace Ollie. But everything changes when Emma meet’s Ollie’s clone. While her life is in a spin, she must deal with the attack of her roommate and the idea that the clones may just not be here out of the goodness of the administration’s heart.

I loved most of this book. I was enthralled by the characters and how the story was a parallel of our lives today. I loved the mystery and twists. In fact, I only called one of the two twists! This excites me because I love a good twist.

The only issue I had was the last 50 pages. The story seemed to get bigger than it needed to be and too easy. In fact, the day after I finished the book, my brain wanted to go back and finish the book. This wasn’t because I hadn’t, but because the ending wasn’t really an ending. It tied up nothing. While I have no problem with cliff hangers and unaware questions to propel to the next novel, I was left lacking any closure or clear idea of what was really going on.

I will read the sequel as I really want to know what happens next. I hope Rebecca Hanover strengthens her ending as she progresses as a writer.


Publication Date: January 1, 2019


I received an ARC for review; all opinions are my own.