The Words Fall Flat

Contains Spoilers

The Words does not fare well as home entertainment. This droll drama came and went without much fanfare. It seemed sad at the time. The trailers hinted at a film of intrigue as Bradley Cooper is hunted down by a man whose book he plagiarized. But the movie delivers no such suspense or drama.
the-words-posterThe Words is straight forward with the old cliché of the author reading his own book. Cooper plays the character from said book. He is a struggling writer who comes across an old manuscript with an unknown author. Though he knows better, he publishes the work as his own and it becomes a best seller. It seems that his life is perfect…until he meets the old man who actually wrote it.
The movie is peppered with period scenes showing the actions of the stolen book. Audiences are treated to a book with in a book. But these scenes are dry and boring. It isn’t these characters the audience cares about. We want to know what happens to Cooper and his wife (Zoe Saldana).
The flow is also broken by excerpts of the narrator’s life. Dennis Quaid with no polish or emotion tries to add another romantic element by flirting with a girl who wrote on thesis on him and his book. It is within these scenes that the twist is “revealed.” As anyone would have guessed, Cooper’s character is just the fictional version of Quaid himself and that he wrote the novel in order to come clean of his deceit.
The acting is subpar. Quaid was just showing up for a paycheck. Saldana and Cooper have zero chemistry. Olivia Wilde is insipid and flat. It’s horrific to watch quality actors flutter about in this mess.
Suffering from a convoluted story line, bad acting, and horrible marketing, it’s no wonder that The Words came and went to theater with barely a whisper. The recent DVD/Blu-ray release does nothing to make The Words worthy of your time. Skip this one at Redbox and rent Hysteria instead.


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