Hunting Annabelle

Hunting Annabelle is gripping, suspenseful and wonderfully twisty. I finished this in one night!
Sean has been out of the psychiatric prison for three years. He has been trying to learn to deal with schizophrenia and keep to himself. He has isolated himself from relationships heard-wendy-hunting-annabellein fear that he will kill someone again. He spends his days at a local amusement park in Texas drawing people he sees filling his day with his art and burying the monster that lives in his mental illness. Then he meets Annabelle and things change. Even though he knows not to get involved with her, he can’t help it as he truly does want a human connection. When he witnesses her abduction, he must deal with his own demons as well as the local police and he tries desperately to find her.
I love books about killer’s and their psychology and this novel runs the gambit. I cheered Sean on every step of the way.  Wendy Heard captures his mental journey enduring him to you. You want to forgive him for his past sins and wish a happy ending for him.
In many books I can see most twists coming but not in this one and I give Wendy Heard kudos for not going the obvious and stereotypical path with this. The end is emotional and keeps you thinking for hours after reading the book. There is so much great material to ponder and think about.
I loved Hunting Annabelle; I couldn’t go to bed until I had finished Sean’s journey.

Publication Date Dec. 25

I received an ARC through NetGalley; All opinions are my own.