The Ronan Scrolls

The Ronan Scrolls is a companion piece to the Dragon Master Trilogy that gives enduring a look into the scientific side of magic.
Ronan the Traveler seeks answers after his brother is burned at the stake for seeing the future. In a world where dragons roam and witches are real, even having the sight is seen as madness and dangerous. But Ronan cannot agree. He will travel all of Antebellum knowing his brother cannot be the only one who can see the future. The scrolls herein relay that story.47870311._SX318_
I truly enjoyed the Ronan scrolls. Ronan believes he can use intellect to understand magic and this unique perspective endears you to him. Like many characters of the same situation, you do not pity him for the loss of his brother, instead, you cheer on his adventure to help himself deal with his own pain. Whether or not you should look at magic scientifically is a question presented here but you absolutely want Ronan to find the answer because surely there is life is a mix of magic and science.
Katie Cross chooses a fun narrative structure to tell Ronan’s adventures. Past an introduction, the novella is truly Ronan’s tale, each portion written by the character himself. While it limits the whole perspective in some ways that might be fur frustrating, it is that frustration one needs to understand to truly appreciate Ronan’s journey. Cross does well with the “diary” form of writing moving the story along without giving too much away.
While this reads best for those who are familiar with previous entries in the series such as Flame and Flight, this is also an intriguing novella that can be a bridge for new readers. I encourage readers interested in magic to dip their toes in the Dragon Master world with this work and then see the world bloom in the full novels. For avid fans, this is a must.
Overall, The Ronan Scrolls is a refreshing addition to Cross’s work looking at magic with a scientific slant.


Publication Date: December 18

I received a copy from the author for review; all opinions are my own.

The Gilded Wolves

I absolutely loved The Gilded Wolves. Roshani Chokshi builds a beautiful world of magic and high society.

It is Paris 1889, on the verge of the World’s Fair. While normal people are looking forward to seeing “exotic” forms of humans, the true event is happening within The Order. The Order controls the magical Babel stones, the pieces of stone left from where God knocked down the Tower of Bable. Each piece still exudes his power. Severin has been stripped of his house but knows there is a way to earn his place back. When the patriarch of the House of Nyx comes to him with a request, he knows that he has a chance to reclaim his honor. What Severin doesn’t know is that something bigger is brewing, bigger than him and his group of friends.

Severin’s diverse of group of friends adds realism and brings together a variety of cultures into the world. Laila hails from the east and uses her mystique as an entertainer. Zofia shows characteristics of being autistic; she uses her unique talents to become a prominent part of the team’s plan. Hypnos and Severin are both bastards of mixed blood. None of these characters are negated to stereotypes and it is truly beautiful.

The world Chokshi has created is just as beautiful. Each location is described in lavish, sensuous detail. Sumptuous clothing gives characters amour or weapons depending on their situation. Tristan’s power with flowers is lush and makes me wish I had his creations. Ththe gilded wolves by roshani chokshiis is a full world where every part is included in the overall beauty of the whole.

The story is exciting and enchanting. Characters use magic called forging for a variety of talents from stone animal protectors that come to life to mystical mirror door ways. Mundane is mixed with exceptional to create a perfect blend of timing.  I was always on my toes wanting to know what happens next.

The Gilded Wolves is a gorgeous fantasy of magic wrapped in Paris of yesterday. Exciting and captivating, I cheered the character on and become invested in their lives. I truly look forward to the next book in the series.

Publication Date: January 15, 2019

I received an ARC for review; all opinions are my own.