Hell Has Never Been This Much Fun

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

PSN, Xbox Live, PC

I am not big of films or TV shows with comic violence. I hated the fake blood sprays in Kill Bill and hate the gratuitous gore in horror movies. I can’t watch operation scenes on TV shows and can’t stand when someone guts a zombie. But I have a fascination with entertainment that contains these aspects: The Walking Dead, Nip/Tuck, and House M.D. The latest of these? Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

I am in love with this side scrolling platforming video game. SEGA takes hell, comic violence, and twisted humor and wraps it in a player friendly package. Its animated cartoon look keeps the violence from being gore and keeps it from being at all realistic.

Players take control of the ruler of Hell, a dead rabbit with a fondness for rubber duckies. When pictures leak on-line of him and his buddy, he must destroy the photos and the creature behind the leak before the Netherworld is no longer afraid of him. Players go through 10 levels with a variety of abilities including jet packs, missiles, and a variety of guns. Players can dress their rabbit in a variety of costumes and complete challenges to unlock new goodies.

As a gamer who not good at platformers, I was surprised how much I liked this game. The game play was easy to handle and each death taught me something new about each situation. There were not instances of death because I couldn’t make a certain jump on time, and the battles were more than that just bounce and wack. To kill bosses and mini-bosses, players must complete a mini-game that tests the player’s mental and physical dexterity. The mini-games are not random, allowing players to learn the certain mini-game and easily defeat the creatures.

The biggest draw is the absurdity of the plot, scenery, and violence. Red paint blood spurts and pieces of creatures that look like steak are insane and frivolous making it hard to confuse real violence with the pixilated carnage. The skeletal rabbit and octopus with a monocle are just examples of the fantasy world this game operates in. While not for every gamer, Hell Yeah! Is very entertaining for those of us with a twisted humor.

Arkedo Studios continues to show that small, downloadable games can sparkle with pizzazz and fun. Making a very kitsch game, the French developer gives the Japanese side scrollers a run for their money. Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is perfect for gamers with a sense of humor that is a little “off.”