Why Blood & Chrome Was Not Picked Up

The world of Battlestar Galactica is not dead. Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome was originally made as a two-hour TV pilot. Fans have been clamoring for more of the BSG world but B&C ultimately did not make it past a web series. SYFY then showed it as a two-hour movie and released it on Blu-Ray and DVD. The low budget flick is rife with lighting and technical issues, but this isn’t why B&C didn’t get off its feet as a TV show. Here’s why.

1. It Was Too Melodramatic

In 188 minutes, lots of people died, families were left fatherless, two virtual strangers had sex, lovers were betrayed, and a nuclear bomb was set off sacrificing soldiers for cylon death. That is a lot of material to cover in such a short span of time. While BSG was a space soap opera, the content was spread evenly over a variety of episodes adding just enough emotion to an action packed episode. B&C dumps it all in and you just don’t care about anyone or any situation. Cylons stole human data? Who cares? It’s happened a bazillion times before on the original show.

2. It Didn’t Learn Anything from Caprica

Caprica failed in a major way because it did not give us the characters, or cylons, we love (and love to hate). While the creation of the cylons is intriguing, viewers were supposed to bond with some disembodied girl and to identify with the pain of her father. It did not focus on any characters we knew (though a really young Adam showed up). The cylons were just machines; viewer did not have conflicted feeling for them as sentient beings. Plus, they still looked like robots. Caprica was slow and viewers had to labor through episode after episode just to see the first cyclone come alive. B&C pulls the same thing; the actual plot takes forever to present itself. In an effort to develop a twist, the plot leaves the viewers to wonder “what the hell are they actually doing?”

battlestarbloodchrome3. It Had the Wrong Focus

Viewers do not want to see young Adama. Not as a child, and not as a new pilot. I would have been really excited if the movie had focused on Adama and Tigh meeting and their growing relationship during their fight of the cylons. This would have been welcome backstory and create a sci-fi buddy story. An even better idea? Do a cyclone origin series. Why did the cylons pick those humanoid bodies? What inspired that? Either of these ideas would have brought the viewer’s back to characters we had already bonded with.

4. It didn’t have Tom Hardy in It

Or any other good looking or decent actor. Honestly, besides Ben Cotton as the co-pilot, the acting was subpar. Adama and Kelly were annoying and I had trouble identifying with the characters. The best part of the whole thing was Tricia Helfer’s uncredited addition.

BSG has not had great success with the post TV show projects (just watch The Plan) but it has lots of potential. Now if they can only get it right.