Sitting Down with the Titans

Blu-ray, DVD

Like many action movies of late that don’t star a superhero, Wrath of the Titans came through the theaters without much fanfare. It’s a solid sequel that continues a logical story intertwining myth with creatures and designs from the 1980s original Clash of the Titans.

Sam Worthington returns as Perseus who would rather stay home with his son than protect the world. But when his father Zeus is kidnapped and his power stripped away, Perseus must do something before Kronos escapes from Tartarus and destroys the gods and the world.  Joined by Andromeda, Perseus must collect the three sacred weapons (Zeus’s Lightening Bolt, Hades’ Pitchfork, and Poseidon’s Trident) in order to send Kronos back to his lair.

Worthington, like everything he does, really makes his characters come alive and in this installment he has on more clothes than the original. The interaction between him and Liam Neeson as father and son is explored in more depth and the two work marvelously together. The best part of the sequel is the new cast additions. Rosamund Pike as Andromeda ads a pleasant feminism to a male dominated world. Toby’s Kebbell as Agenov adds humor, and Bill Nighy’s appearance as the weapon maker is fabulous.

The CG is done quite well with most of the monsters blending in well with the humans and the atmosphere. It is some of the costuming that seems a bit much including Zeus’ terrible beard and wig. And why is it that Zeus ages but the only discernable sign of Perseus’ aging is that he has longer hair?  The final battle is choreographed well and enjoyable for the viewers though Hades and Zeus get a little too heart warming.

A better sequel than many other films get, Wrath of the Titans is an enjoyable action thriller that clearly deals with mythology without getting too obtuse or boring. Make sure to pick this one up at the Redbox.