Psych You Out In the End

Psych and USA were one of the trailblazers in the nascent idea of basic cable original program. Monk and Psych were the Friday night dream team pulling in viewers when network TV usually bombed. USA didn’t stop with these two shows: it expanded its own lines of quality programming that viewer’s love. But USA overreached, bringing in too much new materials and moving fan favorites against network prime time TV. Going against Criminal Minds, can anyone wonder why ratings dropped for Psych?  This is a damned sham because it’s the funniest show on Television.

Or it was. After eight seasons (and a musical) the show bowed out Wednesday night. But not in a spectacular Psych 55a0824c-8373-4b6a-a165-a8ed6b4aa5faway. Instead, the show ended in a romantic movie cliché (fair warning: spoilers ahead) peppered with Psych moments.

Psych started with a simple premise that could have sunken very quickly. But as James Roday and Dule Hill were allowed to be themselves and help direct the direction of the series, the show bloomed. Witty banter, pop culture references, and men screaming like girls abound, Psych took on every genre added humor and tribute and usually nailed. Take the classic episode Tuesday the 13th–hilarious, creepy, and honoring of the genre all at the same time.

But not all the episodes are this top notch, including the finale.  Shawn decides he can’t take his long distance relationship with Juliet anymore and decides to move to San Francisco to be with her. He spends most of the episode neglecting to tell Gus. In fact, he leaves with no word just DVDs that explain his parting. Then comes the romantic comedy ending: Gus goes to San Francisco! And everyone lives happily ever after. The End.

The writers tried to make it where Shawn grew up into a mature relationship. I find it hard to believe that Shawn would just up and leave Gus for a woman.  But the growth that they plan for Shawn is negated by the fact that the whole act is selfish and keeps Gus trapped under his thumb. Juliet chose work over Shawn and now Shawn chooses her over his best friend.  Once again, Gus chooses Shawn over everything else as he always does.

zap-psych-season-8-episode-10-the-breakup-photos-20140325The episode heaps on the cheese. Each DVD was something sappy and contains very little of the Shawn Spencer wit. Everything is tied too neatly.  Lassie is chief, the new detective is amazing and Woody–he’s just Woody. Even the less attractive best friend gets what’s coming to her: McNabb gets to be a detective.

But here’s what was good about the finale. There was a concrete conclusion and there were several instances where the episode felt like Psych at its best. These include Gus discovering a dead body and the two men driving  driver’s end car with two steering wheels and fighting over who is in control. These moments become less prevalent as Shawn becomes introspective and sad. Psych is always best when it’s being funny or spoofing a genre. Drama is not its best component.

What I will miss most about Psych is that laughter that get every week.  I will miss Shawn’s ignorance and Gus’s grimace. I will Lassie—hell, I’ll miss everything about Lassie. I’ll miss Henry’s wisdom (I had already desperately missed the great flashbacks). But most of all I’ll miss watching Roday and Hill working off each other. Their spark and comedy made the show. Here’s hoping that that spark doesn’t fade.

The Clue is in the Title

Psych celebrated its 100th episode with fan appreciation and their take on the movie Clue.

For this special episode, The Psych did a theme James Roday and Dule Hill had been wanting to do for some time: celebrate the movie Clue based on the Parker Brothers/Hasbro board game. The movie came out in 1985 and featured three endings that were shown in different theaters. The crew filmed three different episode endings with different killers and let fans decided on which suspect would be the perpetrator.

100 Clues featured several of the original cast members including: Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren and Christopher Lloyd.  The episode loosely followed the original movie plot. Party members are invited to a creepy mansion for a party with a hidden agenda. When the guests start to die, everyone becomes a suspect.  Gus and Shawn find themselves in the middle of revenge gone wrong when a local rock star gets out of prison for the death of his wife. The psychic must figure out if the author of the rocker’s biography, his manager or the butler did it.

In an effort to tell their own tale, the plot loses the parody focus. The action follows the rock singer and not one of the movie alums. These character quickly become background and are not used to their full potentials. The plot loosely spoofs the events of the movie (there is a singing message girl and a chandelier fall) but the episode loses the feel of the movie. The humor waned as the writers failed to capture the magic of the Twin Peaks episode.

This is probably why the episode was such a disappointment. Dual Spires was a wonderfully parody/homage to the ninety’s drama. I personally thought this episode would eclipse Dual Spires in references and laughs. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Clue was filled with fabulous one liners that were obviously left out (you got a letter, you got a letter….) while others barely registered on the honor scale (one plus one plus….). The best part of the whole episode is when Roday emulates Tim Curry’s famous “no.”

Even the slap stick loses it humor. It is tedious to watch Shawn run back and forth to describe how people were killed or injured. The weapons each suspect carried ranged from insanely dumbly to moderate useful (I would use the baking torch). But when Shawn comes out with a saxophone as a weapon, it falls flat.

Its greatest selling point is letting fans choose the ending live. In the East Coast version (the one I watched and voted for) fans voted for the “What really happened” option from the movie: the butler did it. West Coasters mixed it up and showed favor for the most famed alum: Lloyd (the author did it).

This concept was amazing for fans and more rewarding than reality TV. Built the humor is off the mark. The most stunning tribute? Dedicating the episode to the late, great Madeline Kahn.

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Sons of Anarchy Mid Season Check In


Contains Spoilers

When the explosive first episode of Season 5 aired, fans were shocked as Tig watched his daughter being set on fire. This episode set the bar for SOA to be more brutal not allowing Jax an easy transition.

After that fateful bon fire, things got murkier for the club. Damien Pope was not done taking vengeance on SAMCRO. Jax and Chibs are arrested for a Niner started assault on the Sons, and Tig is brought in for murdering Pope’s daughter. In an effort to stay close to Jax, Opie assaults Sheriff Roosevelt, and goes to county with them.

Meanwhile, Tara and Gemma are trying to figure things out. Tara and Jax planned a secret wedding ceremony without

Gemma’s knowledge. This only strained an already tense relationship between the two women. Tara is trying to shut Gemma out of Thomas and Abel’s lives. This causes some go between with Wendy, the now sober and desperate to know her son biological mother of Abel. Wendy learns quickly she is a pawn and pulls out but not without making it clear that she wants to know her son no matter what.

Gemma and Tara both have taken to drugs to calm their stress. But Tara hasn’t hooked up with a call girl pimp whose crazy half-sister decides to kill herself in front of them. In a scene reminiscent of Nip/Tuck his sister forces Nero and Gemma into bed and to commit sexual acts at gun point. When they refuse, she puts the gun top her head and pulls the trigger.

But there isn’t lost love between the sister and Gemma. Nero’s sister had already sold out the club almost getting Jax killed. In a very Gemma like move, Tara knocks the her around for threatening her family.

Tara’s family is not the only one in danger. It seems there has been a rash of home invasions culminating in Roosevelt’s pregnant wife being shot and killed. While viewers may have guessed the three new SAMCRO bikers are behind it, they don’t see coming is that Clay is in charge. The new recruits are loyal to him a well as Juice who thinks Clay is still incapacitated. It seems, though he lost Tig, Clay has other minions.

Tig and Jax learn where their loyalties lie in prison. Pope wants a son dead, though he doesn’t want it to be Tig; Jax has to choose between himself, Chibs and Opie. Pope also wants in on the drug deals. Jax is torn apart by the idea that he has to choose. Tig offers himself up for sacrifice, but is turned down. Jax tells him for his life, Tig must exchange his loyalty to Jax and to never ever vote against him. Ultimately it is Opie who gives himself up as a token, and is brutally beaten to death.

Jax and company do not leave this vendetta unclaimed. Once out of prison, the three and Bobby head to the warden’s house who arranged for Opie’s death. Tig mercilessly kills the man’s wife when she walks in, and Jax beats him to death with a snow globe evening the score.

Jax also has other ideas for club business. He votes in the Pope drug deal as well as running coke for Pope as well. This will make the club a pretty penny but lines break down the center as some are loyal to Jax and some loyal to Clay. Jax is also taking a new stand on CharmingHeights, helping Hale blackmail members of the community to make sure the deal that the club squashed earlier comes into play. Jax is proving that he has totally different ideas than Clay.

Tonight’s episode will hopefully answer a few questions as well as give clear paths to both Clay and Jax’s visions. Will Gemma be able to keep herself from Nero? Will Tara’s transition as a powerful old lady cause her to falter more? What’s going to happen with the CIA investigation? Viewers can be sure that Kurt Sutter will amaze and blow the mind of viewers every where when answering these questions.

The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl, CW

Hello Upper East Siders! It’s the last season for our favorite socialites! After learning that Daddy Bass is still alive, Chuck is trying to get his empire back, and Blair had left Louie and Dan for him. Serena split with Blair, and Dan split on Serena. Lonely Boy getting a tad full of himself? Meanwhile, Nate is trying to run the Spectator on his lonesome. Can this stoner turn into a real business man?

Beguiling Blair

It seems B and C have been holed in Monaco, confirming their relationship if you know what I mean. And it seems S has taken off once again to start over. But it seems the drugs have gone straight to her head.

Currently, B is in Paris working on her new clothing line with no Bass in site. It seems that C is in Dubai looking into his Dead Daddy’s Dealings. A young attractive woman seems to be helping him get to the bottom of it or, maybe, of himself. What exactly happened to the love birds?

Oh, wait. It seems N has alerted B that a certain someone is missing. Apparently S has been missing all summer and missed when her mom renewed her vows with Daddy Bass. But what’s more exciting is the look on B’s face. It seems that everything she said last spring about not wanting to see S ever again, aren’t true.

Ah, a new alert. It seems Lonely Boy doesn’t know where S is either. B must be worried about her if she has stooped to calling Lonely Boy for the low down. She must see what we’ve been seeing all these years: S and B are soul mates. I hear she’s head back home to find S.

Noble Nate

Well, Upper East Siders, it seems that I, your online source for scandal, is the only one who has a clue where S. Well of course I do! You think after last year’s debacle with S and the lap top I wouldn’t? Ha. I know where that girl is at all times!

Poor N. He wants to so badly to make The Spectator work on his own. While I secret hope he succeeds, watching him fail makes for more juicy news. Besides what story could he have that would propel him to fame?

Pardon me. Let me check my instant message.

Well, well, well. It seems N is more cunning than I thought. It seems he has video surveillance from where I reclaimed my lap top. How 007 of him!

Look at that! He is offering a deal! I give up where S is and he forgoes his expose. Since I’m in the mood for a game, I think I’ll let him know where she is. Besides, I think Lonely Boy has put two and two together.

Delusional Dan

Lonely Boy has left Europe and his new tell all book. The claim is that it will tear apart the Upper East Side. As if!

But he is in business with the Devil herself. It seems Georgina Sparks his new muse, and she wants a bad ending for S. How he puts up with her craziness, I will never know. But he is at a loss for lady friends, and she seems to be the only one not disgusted by his hair. And look. It seems Georgina has finally developed a “womanly” body. Kids are killer for that figure, huh?

The Delusional Devilish Duo has in fact crossed paths with N.B.C. Will they be the better for it?

Too bad finding Serena at a wedding in a gorgeous dress, lots of cleavage, and a name change its Lonely Boy’s biggest shock today. Wait till he comes home and finds Rufus and Ivy in flagrante. It seems Ivy and Lola’s plan to get back at Lilly, will catch others in the cross fire.

Scandalous Serena

Is our famous It Girl tying the knot? I’ll never tell. But it seems B might.

After “Sabrina” blew off her old friends off for a new life, B can’t take no for an answer. She her Scooby Gang are going to put an end to the wedding. Hope you’re streaming the video kids.

Blair is standing up at the altar taking about why S’s new man, also named S, shouldn’t marry S. She’s making a total fool of herself and S. And what she doesn’t know? S is a bridesmaid for the gay couple who are getting married!

Apparently I was having too much fun, because I just lost my feed. But my sources tell me that S bared all to her new beau; her past, her drugs, her friends. He seemed to buy the line that she wanted to start a new life and forgave her indiscretions. How new will it be when they return to New York?
Ah, my feed finally buffered. You just can’t get good WiFi out here. Sigh. This was supposed to be the most exclusive pent house in the city. At least the Hpnotiq martinis are marvelous.

And I’ve made it back for the best part. B has come crawling on her knees begging S to come back to her. But, oh, my. S refuses saying she needs to start a new life and not be “stuck” with B. It seems they aren’t stuck like glue after all.

Confusing Chuck

The only one of this little Scooby Gang that I don’t have a line on is Bass Jr. He seems to be onto something with the mysterious lady from Dubai. She seems to have connections to Daddy Bass’s dealings. She claims not to have information buts wonders Bass Sr. would bribed her with 10 million dollars. Don’t worry. I’ll get to the bottom of this. If you’re good, I may give you the scoop.

But I do have a scoop for you now. It seems Bass Jr. and B made a pact. The Bass family straightens out their mess, B conquers the fashion world, and the two can finally be together. Bass Jr. has finally given her that Harry Winton ring that he’s been carrying for a while. Will to the do stick to this pact? My money is on no, the couple is too explosive, and besides it makes for a better story.

So welcome back to New York ladies and gentlemen. This old girl has a few more stories to tell.


Gossip girl

It’s Elementary

Elementary, CBS

The game is afoot! CBS’s newest police procedural takes a Sherlock Holmes spin. The series premier of Elementary aired last Thursday bringing in a very different Holmes and Watson to skeptic fans. Can Elementary hold its own? Watson is a girl?

I, personally, was very excited to see Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu take on the roles of Holmes and Watson. They are both fabulous actors and they bring a lot to their characters. I have always been a Sherlock fan. Jeremy Brett is my favorite Holmes, and Jude Law won me over as Watson. But Miller and Liu carve out a niche in the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

Elementary takes the detective in a different direction. Confronting Holmes’ drug problem head-on, Watson is a sober live in companion hired by Sherlock’s father. As ex-surgeon, Watson herself has a deep, complex past that lends to a more developed character. In order to start again after rehab, Sherlock has been shipped to a crappy apartment building in New York City, and he is doing the same thing he loved to do in England: solve crimes. Watson goes with Holmes while he is consulting for the police department and finds that she loves the investigating herself. The two become a team on more than just a “say no to drugs” level.

As any police procedural viewers are presented with weekly cases, and Sherlock helps solve them. These original cases do not yet copy those of the classic Holmes tales but puts him in new, modern situations. In the pilot, Holmes is confronted with a wife killer who uses an unusual method to kill his wife. Using keen observations, psychological profiling, and leaps of logic, Holmes is able to see things that the police have missed. But this talent comes without a price.

Sherlock is a brash but charming eccentric detective. Miller plays Holmes’ ticks with grace and finesse and viewers marvel over his dedications the same way one marvels at Spencer Read when he comes out with some amazing fact. Holmes will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the case including getting verbally rough with a witness. But Miller manages to make you like his Holmes because we can clearly see the driving force: solving the puzzle. With a zeal that puts Gregory House to shame, Holmes’ obsession is the puzzles in the crimes, and now with out the drugs he needs them more than ever.

Liu is the more reserved Watson who has a fiercely independent streak. But she harbors a secret past that Holmes and the viewers are salivating to hear about. She’s not your average happy go lucky Watson. She gives a nice balance of stability while Holmes bounces around the room, while having her own dark side. There is great chemistry between the two and it’s great to watch them work off each other.

It is hard for many people not to compare this with the BBC Sherlock, a drama that was nominated for several Emmys. But the two shows are so different. One is a police procedural while the other is British detective story. As for a comparison, all I can give you is that Elementary has the more likable Holmes while Sherlock has better writing.

Elementary is a joy to watch and gets your brain thinking. It has a unique quirky side that does not diminish the dramatic aspects. It is in fact, my dear Watson, one of the best new shows on television.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Premier: This Means War



When last season of Sons of Anarchy ended, Clay had been dethroned and Jax was sitting at the head of the table. The club said goodbye to Piney, Kozik and Miles leaving the club a few members short. Clay was outed for killing both Piney and John Teller leading to a brutal attack in his life by Opie. Trying to keep things a secret, Jax and Clay blamed a rival gang for the attack, and Tig promptly repays in kind. But instead of killing the leader of the group, Tig accidentally kills the man’s daughter. This leaves Jax with a very tension situation to try to diffuse.

On The Road Again

The episode opens with the crew making a run with an unexpected attack by a rival gang. This as well as a rash of home invasions is the local Niners trying to tell SOA they don’t approve of the death of the daughter of Damon Pope. Jax has more to deal with than just the Niners as the sheriff threatens the club and relations between Tara and Gemma become even more tense. Both of the ladies are on hard times imbibing in drugs, alcohol, and, for Gemma, black out sex with pimps. Opie has stepped back from the club letting the newly released Bobby to step up as VP. The majority of the first hour of the show is used to set up the season.

The King Becomes the Old Fool

Appropriately entitled “Sovereign,” the viewer sees what happens to the old king once the new one has taken his place. Even though Piney is gone, it seems there is a new fool to take his place. Fragile Clay is trying to deal with his diminished state and in a sad scene fails to hold up his bike. Clay is shrunken, slumped, and low voiced. When he comes to the table, plops his oxygen tank on the table and sits in Piney’s old seat, we’re left to wonder, is he going to loose it in alcohol?  He has lost his wife who, after a brutal beating and learning that he tried to have her daughter in law killed, can’t stand to look at him. His state proves he is only weaker without Gemma.

Clay makes the one power play he has left: confesses to Piney’s murder. When I say confessed, I mean the only truth was that he pulled the trigger. This sad tale of self defense he spun does three things: takes away any blackmail threat surrounding the murder, makes the guys feel sorry for him and therefore loyal, and screws with Jax’s head.

But Clay hasn’t just lost his position in the club and his wife; he’s also lost his best friend. When Tig finds out he killed an innocent girl, Tig starts to truly second guess his relationship with Clay. The split that has been building up from last season is c0ming to a head.

Getting Tiggy With It

It’s the last half hour when the episode that takes viewers to reaches only SOA will go as Tig struggles with the consequences of his actions. In fact, Tig is a running theme in the episode. At the beginning, he is friendly with Jax and there seems to be no animosity between him and Jax. Even the club as a whole doesn’t seem overly angry with him for killing Pope’s daughter. He goes from accepted to humiliated as Clay reveals his lie. Not only is Tig dealing with the fact he killed an innocent girl, but now he knows his best friend lied to him. He and Clay have a frank discussing that leaves the future of their friendship in peril.

Things really heat up when Tig gets a phone call from a detective saying that have his daughter Dawn in custody. Tig has to pick her up so she will not be charged. Instead of finding his daughter, he finds Pope’s men and a detective ready to escort him to jail. But when he is handcuffed, he is not taken in a squad care but chained next to a dumpster. In the dumpster is Dawn. As Pope’s men cover her with gasoline, Tig begs Pope to kill him instead. It’s heartbreaking to watch this strong man beg for his daughter’s life. And for a moment you think Pope might. But Pope’s henchman dowses her in flames, and Tig can only call to his daughter as she is burned alive. Pope then leaves him to mourn. Tig manages to get loose enough to kill the two men Pope left behind. Only once this is done does Tig let the rage dissolve into grief.

This Means War

With the death of Tig’s daughter, viewers know there can be no truce with Pope. The club will have to balance this war while three of their members are on the lamb. It seems that Jax, and Chibs have been fingered for the truck explosion, and the law is out for Tig’s involvement in the Pope murder. Jax will have to manage a club that has no idea where its loyalties lie as each member tries to understand the events that transpire. Things will become increasingly difficult as Abel’s mom returns (so looking forward to that), and Romeo puts pressure on Jax from the CIA deal.

With this as the premier, things can only get more mind blowing and violent as Kurt Sutter takes us into the farthest reaching of his mind. Who will make it out alive?

Drop Dead Diva Ends with a Bang



Drop Dead Diva instantly charmed me. This fairy tale amuses viewers with a story about a model who dies but comes back to earth in a plus-size body. The story balances humor with emotion easily drawing you into the characters’ lives. It’s a love story. It’s a tale of self discovery. But this season became a story of stereotypes.

The writers purposefully push plus-size Jane away from Grayson and towards another man. As much as this delves into the theme of moving on, the choice they made for companion blatantly enforces stereotypes. Jane is engaged to Owen who is both cute and plus-size. It seems that plus-size woman can’t be paired up with trim, gorgeous men. (It doesn’t help that I am not fond of Owen’s character.) When he disappeared I was really excited. But when he came back after hiding heart surgery and resumed their engagement I turned my TV off.

But the shock, romance, and hilarity of the season finale brought me back. The finale came back to what the series was really about: Deb and Grayson. The finale finally gives the viewers what they having been dying to see: Grayson revealing his love and the reappearance of Fred. The twist in the final moments of the show set up a delicious conflict for Deb/Jane.

As is often the case, Jane and Grayson take on a law case that reflects the underlying themes of the episode. A husband is trying to save his wife’s life by legally forcing her to have her brain tumor removed. The wife does not want this treatment because she likes the new person she has become because of the tumor. Because of the rise in her IQ, the wife has grown apart from their husband and wants to divorce him. This brings up emotional struggles within Jane. She’s over Grayson, right? She likes the new person she is, right? Grayson should move on, right?

Meanwhile, the office is shaken up when Luke tell Parker that Kim is pregnant. Kim herself is still struggling with the issues, and Luke’s action cause her to deal with it head on. Up in Heaven, the real Jane is very angry with the way Deb is using her body and her life. She seeks out Fred (yay for Fred!) to return back to earth. While Grayson is professing his love for Deb/Jane at her wedding, Real Jane tricks Fred into letting her hit the return button. She takes over the body of poor Owen who had a heart attack when he saw Deb/Jane and Grayson kissing.

The fairy tale is almost complete now that Deb/Jane and Grayson have confessed their love, and I am interested in seeing how Real Jane will affect this relationship. While these means we still have Owen to contend with, I have a feeling that his character is about to get a lot more interesting and. I still don’t like Luke and maybe that’s the point. And how I wish Mad Men would kill Ben Feldman’s character so we can have Fred back. While I still don’t like Kim and Parker being together maybe it will grow on me once they start a family.

The finale provided much needed relief for fans who thought the executives made a mistake moving away from the Grayson love story. It provided all the things we love about Diva: love, hope, hilarity, and surprise. As usual, I can’t wait to see what is in store next season.



Five Fall Favorites

Sons of Anarchy

Last Season Recap: Last season saw the MC get out of prison and back on the road. Through the course of the season, we lost Piney, Miles, and Kozik, and Clay was removed from power after Jax found out Clay killed his father. Bobby and Otto are behind bars, Opie is MIA, and the development of Charming Heights has been averted.

What to Expect This Season: Tensions are high as loyalties shift with Jax taking the presidential seat. Tara and Gemma both seek peace through mood altering sources. Paris Barclay himself said not to get attached to anyone character. Hmmm…

Season Premier Date: Sept. 11

Criminal Minds

Last Season Recap: The group was re-assembled but at the end of the season Prentiss announcing she’s leaving. JJ and Will finally tie the knot, and Hotch and Rossi have both found love.

What to Expect This Season: More couplings for the BAU team, and Jeanne Tripplehorn comes in as a linguist expert.

Season Premier Date: Sept. 26


Last Season Recap: Dexter struggled with the idea of faith while dealing with a religious-mission-orientated serial killer. Quinn goes on bender after bender when Deb breaks up with him, Batista’s sister is dating a homicide intern, and LaGuerta is promoted. The season abruptly comes to an end when Deb caught Dexter killing the aforementioned serial killer.

What to Expect This Season: Changes in the Deb/Dexter relationship as she pieces together his hobby.  Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Mass Effect series) guest stars helping Miami Metro with a case.

Season Premier Date: Sept. 30

Gossip Girl

Last Season Recap: Chuck’s daddy isn’t dead! Blair married and divorces Louie! Blair and Dan crashed and burned (well duh)! Serena pulled a scam that was Blair Waldorf worthy! Jack is back and on Chuck’s side!

What to Expect This Season: In this final season, expect past faces to re-emerge including Poppy Lipton and, of course, Georgina Sparks.

Season Premier Date: Oct. 8

The Walking Dead

Last Season Recap: Sophia goes missing. Lori tries to kill her unborn baby. Sophia is a zombie. Rick shoots zombie Sophia. Lori tells Rick to kill Shane. Dale dies. Carl is the idiot that let that zombie loose. Rick kills Shane. Shane is a zombie. Carl shoots zombie Shane. The barn catches on fire. The group runs. Lori gets mad at Rick for killing Shane. The group is now under a Ricktatorship.

What to Expect This Season: More character deaths. Plus two fan favorites (Michonne and the Governor) make appearances.

Season Premier Date: Oct. 14

One Less Angel

Season 4 of Dead Diva Premiers

TV Recap: Spoilers

The newest season of Drop Dead Diva includes lots of drama and a few less laughs. From major plot twists to the loss of a certain guardian angel, the new season is making way for a new path.

When Season 3 ended, Jane had runaway toItalywith her new boyfriend Owen after seeing Stacy and Grayson kissing. She had also convinced Fred to make his own dream because Stacy is no longer committed to him. Stacy, on the other hand, tells Grayson she has no feeling for him and that Jane is actually Deb. Parker has gone to look for the son he just learned about and put Kim in charge as managing partner in his abscesses.

The episode starts with Jane and Owen enjoying Italy. The calm is broken by Teri who has been sent by Kim to bring Jane back. It seems that the law firm is going bankrupt, and Kim needs Jane for a lucrative and high exposure murder case. Once home, she finally has to confront Stacey about the betrayal, and they have to deal with the new issue at hand: Fred’s back–with a new girlfriend.

While Jane advises Fred about how to handle his emotions about his new girlfriend and Stacy, Stacy is given bad advice from a “love guru” played by Kim Kardashian. This ultimately leads to the end of Fred’s new relationship and his relationship with Stacy. When Stacey finally ends it, Fred tells the truth about being a guardian angel in an effort to prove that he truly loved her. This leads to Fred being sent back to heaven and a new guardian angel being assigned.

While Jane deals with this crisis, her murder case is becoming more and more complicated. Several suspects are identified including an ex girl and a jealous boyfriend. Jane then comes to find out her client did commit the murder and she was being manipulated. This causes internal conflicts for Jane. As she is mulling this over, she is introduced to her new guardian angel Luke. It turns out that Luke has invested enough money in the firm to keep it afloat. Meanwhile, Grayson has researched Deb’s death and correlated it with Jane’s shooting. After talking to Stacy, he is sure that Jane is Deb.

I am really excited about the fact that Grayson has learned about Jane/Deb. It’s what viewers have been waiting for since the series started. Though I am curious: are we going to get the fairy tale ending we want or the practical, personal growth version of the situation? I am also exited to see the development of Stacy’s character. She is moving away from the vain, flippant model to a woman with real feelings about men isn’t affected by what brand they are wearing. While it has been a tough road for her, the events of the previous season have culminated in a more diverse charter. And speaking of character development, I would love to see Kim finally end the drama with Parker and get back to the tough skinned woman she used to be.

I am disappointed about loosing Fred. He was snatched away once before only to return after Stacy’s memory is wiped. But with a replacement guardian angel already in house, and Ben Feldman doing a stint on Mad Men, I don’t think Fred will be back. I also don’t understand why there was a need for adding Kim Kardashin as a recurring guest role. Neither her character nor her acting skills were that intriguing. I wonder how many Kardashian fans are tuning in. Also, I was surprised that Parker was back and giving up the search for his son. Can’t he afford good private eyes to find the boy?

Drop Dead Divas makes a few changes this season, and only time will tell which ones will ultimately be good and which ones will be bad.


House Locks Up

This gallery contains 8 photos.

In the series finale, Dr. Gregory House says “goodbye” to Plainsboro TV Recap: Includes Spoilers I admit: I didn’t watch House much this season. House went to jail and the cast changed yet again. The cast changes have been a … Continue reading