You Are Not Alone

Shay is about to learn that one simple lie can snowball into an absolute mess–especially when dealing with strangers.

Shay is in a rut. She just lost her job and her roommate is asking her to move out. These events are stressful enough without adding trauma. Shay is standing at the subway the 45046742._SY475_same moment a woman throws herself in front of the train. The dead woman haunts her and she begins to research the woman. Why did she jump? Shay comes across the woman’s friends who welcome her into the circle after Shay lies about how she knew the dead woman. It will take her some time to realize that the lie will put her life in danger.

This book moves quickly switching between the various characters. The authors include the history of each woman as well as where they are now in their life. This fleshes out each character making them complex and rounded. This also lets readers see how miscommunication and misinformation can cause major trouble.

The twist isn’t mind-altering but it is solid and makes you look at the characters a different light.

This book doesn’t quite reach the perfection of The Wife Between Us but it’s much better than An Anonymous Girl. You Are Not Alone keeps the taught tension the authors are so good at. This book takes women’s normal everyday issues and blowing them up into a story that is twisting, exciting and downright creepy.


Publication Date: March 3

I received an ARC from The Publisher; all opinions are my own.


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