The Badass Girl’s Guide

C.J. Scarlet turns trauma from her past, throws way the “victim” label and helps women keep themselves safe. While attacks are the fault of the attacker, women, none the less, need to know how to keep themselves safe in this less than perfect world. Scarlet gives you tip on how to not become a victim as well as what to do if you do become one.

Scarlet walks you through failing the predator interview, the myths of rape and how to put aside preconceived notion of femininity that are putting you in danger. The chapters aren’t long and are written plainly which make it easy to understand and hold your attention.  The most important information is bulleted and easily digestible.  This isn’t just theo37561534ry and statistics (even though there are some important stats included); this is practical and valuable information.

I loved that the author includes what to do if you are attacked. As the author says, no method is one hundred percent successful in evading predators, so it is important to know what to do if you are attacked.  Personally, I feel that hearing this from someone who has been there is even more reassuring. She has been there and knows how uncomfortable the whole situation is. Hearing from someone who has been there and become a strong woman is highly motivating and hopeful.

My favorite part of the book, though, isn’t the advice on how to thwart an attacker or the practical safety tips. Scarlet bears her soul in “Escape from the Terrible Garden.” This prose piece puts words to the feelings trapped inside her. It is both moving and enlightening. I think anyone who has been abused in some way as well as family and friends should read it to truly understand what it feels like.

The Badass Girl’s Guide helps women empower themselves and help them (and others) stay safe in an imperfect world. After reading this book, I will be donating to my local Free Little Library; this information needs to be read and passed on.




I received a complementary copy for review; all opinions are my own.

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