A Cult Classic Returns

More than just nerds rejoiced when news surfaced that Fox was bringing back the X-Files. Fox has done well reviving their best shows including 24, but I don’t think Fox was prepared for the response regarding The X-Files. The premier was scheduled after the NFC Championship and was delayed due to the game but fans came in droves with rating higher than anyone expected. If Fox was trying to kill the The X-Files they failed. The two night premier shows had very little to do with one another and was probably designed just to boost the ratings Fox thought would be miserable. But the fans proved, we still want to believe.
The show starts with Scully and Mulder reconnecting after a crash in their personal relationship. Scully has tried to put the life begin her because she can’t (and never will). Mulder has become even more obsessive over the stories of a government conspiracy involving aliens and the government’s involvement in their experiments. The two come back together when a loc3al web series host bring them to a girl who had been abducted.
Sunday’s show was little more than just a recap of the show fans know and love but, finally, new information about the conspiracy arises and it more notorious than ever thought. The premier polarized the main characters: Scully was a total unbeliever again and Mulder was like a lunatic with his theories. This flashed fans back to the beginning of the series but made no sense with the character development. The writers chose to go back and make their relationship null and void to rework that chemistry and it is getting old. And where was the joke about Scully’s hair? Mulder should would have made one.
The following episode was a “monster of the week” but had someXF_sc7_0067rjw_hires2f link to the overall conspiracy story.
This second episode is more like The X-Files we remember, no longer focusing on catching up new fans. Chris Carter and company were able to get back to what they do best: create creepy stories using the paranormal as metaphors for human fears. Mulder was believable again and Scully seemed genuinely interested in the pursuit of the mystery. The only downside is that the show was more gruesome that it has been in it hey day. The production team upped the gore to keep up with today’s standards (and they didn’t really need to.)
But over all it is exciting to have Scully and Mulder back. The fans never really gave up. They have bided their time with a movie and comic books that even looked at the origin of the The X-Files. No matter their age, it is wonderful to have the show cast and crew back together.