Gru Isn’t That Despicable

This go around audiences are treated to a softer side a Gru in Despicable Me 2. Now that he is no longer a villain, what will Gru be like? What is the “dad” version like? Can the franchise afford to step out in this direction?

In this sequel, Gru is no longer a super villain but the father to three orphans. He spends most of his time making the girls happy and turns down position with the Anti-Villain League. But Gru can’t fight the desire for adventure and excitement for long and joins the AVL to take down a villain in the local mal. Posed as a bakery owner with his minions and ginger AVL partner, Gru must face an evil worse than the destructions of the world: Margo dating boys.

The movie is humors and has a family feel-good vibe to it. Gru’s balancing act is intriguing especially when you think he has let his emotions interfere with his work with the AVL. The lengths he will go to make his children happy are sweet and funny-especially when boys are involved.

But, as with many children’s movies, it’s the sidekicks that steal the show. Gru’s Minions stole the first movie and continue to shine in this sequel. Whether it’s an ice cream social, or doing boy band music the minions are easily entertained and entertaining. Their ability to laugh at anything is infectious, and you can’t help but laugh with them.  Each scene is made better with a little yellow minion in it.

DM2 is truly a movie child and adults can enjoy keeping all age groups laughing thought out the movie. It’s not overly gooey and you want mind your child (or adult friend) periodically saying “bottom” and laughing.  DM2 branches out but stays just as funny.


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