Jack Reacher is a Great Thrill Ride

I love a good thriller book. The crime thriller genre may not be the best or mot well written but it keeps you on the edge of your seat with outrageous plot twists, beautiful romance, and killer excitement. The film Jack Reacher brings that genre to life on the big screen.
In the adaptation of Lee Child’s One Shot, Tom Cruise plays an ex-military investigator who stays off the radar. He is a ghost, and when he suddenly appears after a mass shooting, the authorities clue into the idea that there is more to the shooting than meets the eye. Hired by the defense counsel, Reacher delves into what actually happened the day of the shooting.
The movie is written like a thriller novel. No scene lasts too long and there are perfect pauses for release as if it had its own built in chapters. The movie is focused more on current action with some background. There isn’t too much character development to drag the action down. These characteristics make Jake Reacher a great novel adaptation.
I personally have never read any of the 17 Jack Reacher novels, so I really enjoyed Tom Cruise in the title role. No mater how crazy he may be in his personal life, he is a good actor oozing charm and embodying the characters he becomes. He becomes Reacher and a force to be reckoned with. What is really cool is that is character has so much training that his size dose not matter when facing enemies. It is impressive to see 5’7” Cruise beat up a group of big burly guys. This lends to extra excitement in the fight sequences.
jackreacherrpRosamund Pike is excellent as the DA’s daughter who hires Reacher. Pike never once lets her English come through and is both vulnerable and tough as nails at the same time. These are the characters Pike excels at, and I hope to see her more on the American screen.
For fans of the novels, Reacher was terribly miscast. Reacher is a 6’5” blond muscle man. This is completely different from Cruise’s frame. Miscasting can often ruin a movie for fans. How I feel about Twilight is how most probably feel about Cruise’s casting. But hopefully, fans can put that aside. Jack Reacher has the potential for a movie franchise.
While this is not a marvelous action movie, it’s a great way to pass time. Instead of picking up a book on a Sunday afternoon, go see this one. It brings to life those thrillers that you would be at home reading.

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