LD Entertainment Options Hush Hush

230px-Hush,hushFans of the Hush Hush Saga are getting their wish: LD Entertainment optioned the film rights to this the hit Young Adult novels. Currently, Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith has been hired to write the screen play for the first installment Hush Hush.

The Hush Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick is comprised of four books (Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence, and Finale) and is centered on 16 year old Nora Gray. When she falls for the mysterious Patch, she gets more than she bargained for! Patch happens to be a fallen angel who is in the midst of a war between Fallen Angels and the Nephilim (beings that can take over a fallen angel’s body). Can Nora and Patch’s love survive this heavenly battle?

Fitzpatrick confessed to Entertainment Weekly that she is concerned about the casting. She had imagined certain actors when she wrote the novels but those actors would now be too old to play them. Some fans hope the company does like Twilight and find unknowns who become the characters instead of hiring A-list celebrities for hype.

Production on the film is expected to start in Fall 2013.

Christmas Favorites

A Christmas Story


This classic Christmas tale delights the young and old alike. I was aghast when my boyfriend told me he had not seen this film and promptly sat him down to watch the film. This cult classic is the genesis of many one liners including the infamous “You’ll shoot your eye out!” But it’s more than a silly tale of growing up. There is depth into the psyche of a child that can only be explained through adult Ralph’s narration. And we all know these feeling and day dreams. The movie reminds us of our inner child, especially the part that didn’t say fudge.


A Charlie Brown Christmas


This touching classic was predicted by one executive to be a failure. Instead it became the Network Television mainstay on teaching the story of Christ succinctly and humorously. The animated feature is pure Charlie Brown; nothing can go right. But Charlie Brown knows that everyone needs to be loved and adopts a poor tree that no one wants for their Christmas play. Lucy and company become consumed with the commercial aspect of the play and it is her little brother Linus and his Bible soliloquy that sets the record straight about Christmas. Once again, it is the little man that moves the spirit.


The Muppet Christmas Carol


There are two version of A Christmas Carol that I truly enjoy. The first is Blackadder’s take on the tale. This satire turns nice Scrooge into grumpy Scrooge. The other is The Muppet adaptation. Gonzo narrates the story playing Charles Dickens with slapstick. His trusty sidekick, Rizzo gets into as much trouble as Scrooge himself. It has all the hallmarks of a classic: musical numbers, humor, morals, and puppets. The Muppets put the fun into the classic tale capturing the attention of younger ages. Maybe The Muppets can do more of the classic. Imagine Wuthering Heights featuring The Muppets!

Love Actually
bill-nighy-in-love-actuallyBefore you knew him as Rick Grimes Zombie Slayer, before you knew him as Bilbo Baggins, Andrew Lincoln and Martin Freeman starred in the British holiday romance Love Actually. Featuring famous names such as Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighty and Liam Neeson (just to name a few), this ensemble film intertwined a variety of love stories giving each tale a full story arc and intertwining the characters. This Richard Curtis film is what Gary Marshall tried to emulate with his films, but he can’t quite get the same charm and complexity of these rich characters. Each actor gives a moving performance in the variety of relationship roles given to the characters. There is true love, unrequited love, and family love. There are deaths, weddings and affairs. The movie takes a real look at love and manages to make you smile in the end.



ElfWhen I first sat down to watch this move, I wasn’t sure if it be good or really stupid. Will Ferrell’s track records if 50/50 with some movies being really good and others being ridiculous. This movie was actually charming and moving. When elf Buddy learns that he is actually human, he goes to New York to find his real father who is a real Scrooge. Buddy must learn to adapt to a new world while keeping the Christmas Spirit alive. Buddy is endearing as the quintessential man-child and our heart aches for him to have a relationship with his family. Buddy works his way into their hearts and reminds the world, “Don’t stop believing!”

The Santa Clause


I love this movie. Tim Allen is always so funny, and it was a nice twist to see the Scrooge character turn into Santa Clause. Viewers watch Allen turn physically and mentally into the jolly old elf. Laughs galore follow these changes as well as his relationship with his son and ex-wife. Often under-appreciated Judge Reinhold gives a solid performance as the annoying therapist new husband who manages to make you laugh all the while. Like many of the movies on my list, The Santa Clause blends humor with deep and emotional moral values. Yes, Virginia! We will forget that sequels were made!



The Hobbit is a Faithful, Long Adaptation

As a child, my parents made me watch The Hobbit animated feature a zillion times. They even had the book full of the illustration and story. I was so afraid of the trolls and their song about eating Bilbo. In fact, I got so tired of watching it that I never had anything else to do with it as I grew up. I haven’t watched any of the Lord of the Rings all the way through, and went to see The Hobbit An Expected Journey because, now, my boyfriend owes me. But it does allow me to give you my take on the movie.

For those of you living under the sea, The Hobbit is the tale of Bilbo Baggins a hobbit who likes the safety and monotony of his Hobbit Hole. When Gandalf the Wizard and his troupe of dwarves pay an unexpected visit, Bilbo becomes a part of the dwarves’ journey to reclaim their homeland.

Technically it looks really good. The majority of the environments are bright and clear and it seems realistic. But as much as Hobbiton is beautiful many of the CG action sequences are a blur. The dwarf battle in the beginning and rock giant battles have blurred background and scenery. Some blame it on the filming in a different film rate than we are used to, but if this was the case the rest of the movie would look the same. It is the CG heavy atmosphere that either loose clarity when transferred to 2-D or (most likely) a way to cut costs but not applying too much work for a crisp CG world. This happens often in movies including Transformers. So while this is a fault to The Hobbit, it is a fault of many movies as well.

Books fans will be delighted as the movie goes into minute detail of the events of the novella. Much time is spent on the dwarfs’ time at Bilbo’s house and the movie sticks to the majority of the action of the road. But this constant jump from action to action cuts down on any character development. It is not until the end of this almost three-hour-long film, that the viewers see any changes in the characters. It is hard to love characters that whiney or arrogant without seeing much growth.

For movie goers who don’t know the book by heart, the film becomes very tedious. Trolls and orcs and goblins and elves and hobbits and dwarves. There isn’t much time devoted to any one species and becomes a smorgasbord of fighting and overly CG’ed action sequences. Whatever wonder I felt about Baggins looking life like was lost in the long, tedious journey of this clan that isn’t even over yet. Also, it seems that Peter Jackson pays no attention to movie phenomenon around him or he wouldn’t have ended the first installment of The Hobbit with the same sequence as Breaking Dawn Part 1 did. It can’t be good for your viewers to say, “Twilight already did that!”

While the cut of the first installment come at the right place story wise, I wonder why they didn’t cut it about twenty minutes sooner. Like every book and movie in the cannon before, the parts with Sméagol are the best and the ones even non-fans like me are waiting for. From a film perspective, I would have split this scene into both movies for the benefit of the non-book fans.

The Hobbit has its merits but it will be the diehard fans that love it the most. Anyone else should wait for the DVD so you can pause it and stretch your legs and take an ADD break.

Time for a New Award Show?

Awards show is notorious for movies as “art.” It’s rare to find a film that is a good movie that wins any kind of award. TV has almost the same sordid past. Most things that are mainstream hits are ignored by the academies. The Golden Globe nominations prove this prejudice still exists.
The biggest problem with the movie nominations and this happens a lot. I have not seen or care to see but one of the movies on the list. Unfortunately Silver Linings Playbook is not playing near. The other issues are that, at the nominations, the movies had not even been released. These are mostly docudramas that screw up what really happened for entertainment value. Forget Lincoln, I’d rather watch Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black 3. In fact, the only movies I have seen are those in the animated category (and this year they are all good competition!).
The Golden Globes are usually not completely against the grain with their television selections. In fact Katey Sagal won Best Actress in a Drama in 2011 for her work in Sons of Anarchy. But the rest of the cast and show gets snubbed. Like The Walking Dead, when it is nominated, it is for technical awards. Charlie Hunnam and Kim Coates have been snubbed just as much as Jon Bernthal was for his work on Season 2 of TWD. The two supporting actors have been ignored for any kind award for the work on their respective shows, and Hunnam can’t catch the attention of the votes even though he is a brilliant actor.
Instead we see shows like American Horror story get around the rules, by submitting as a miniseries though it is an actual TV show. Unlike the Emmy’, it only pulled one nomination in the major categories. There is also a few other odd ball nominations including Connie Britton in Nashville. Laurie Holden and Katey Sagal both kick her ass.
So I have decided to make my own awards and requirements that are the best of TV and movies as good TV and movies. Stay tuned for my take on what deserves an award.

Fondly Remembering our Childhood Guardians

The Rise of the Guardians, PG

The holidays are saturated with children’s movies. There are always three kinds of movies; the ones kids only enjoy, the ones with double entendre that make adults smirk, and the emotional bonding tales that children and adults both love. The last categories are the hardest to create. Disney Pixar can make these films without adult jokes and but bringing in adults with delightful humor. The Rise of The Guardians by DreamWorks lives up to the standard set by Pixar.Rise-of-the-Guardians

This gorgeously animated movie is best of a set of children’s books by William Joyce.  He wrote these for his young daughter (who has since passed away), and they have inspired many many children. The movie version expands this audience sharing The Guardians of Childhood with today’s movie going generation.

In Rise of the Guardians, beloved characters such as Santa Clause, and the Toothfairy are in charge of spreading wonder and hope to the world’s children. But these aren’t the same generic character you have grown up with. North, or Santa, is tattooed with a Russian accent (played wonderfully by Alec Baldwin) while Bunny is the Australian Easter Bunny who is over six feet tall and takes no crap from anyone. Then there is Tooth the delicate toothfairy who saves the memory of children by saving their teeth.  Joining them is Sandy the silent sand man who is responsible for good dreams.  With this force of good, what could scare these guardians?

The Boogey Man! Pitch Black (played lovingly by Jude Law) is tired of being overlooked and unbelieved in. His goal is to squash hope and wonder and rule the world by fear. Pitch proves to be a tough match for the guardians, so Manny, the man in the moon, calls upon Jack Frost. This impish character cares for nothing but fun and has no recollections of his past. He has no desire to be a guardian and it is only through bribing him with his lost memories does he begin to work with them.

rise-of-the-guardians10Jack learns a lot about who he is, what he was, and what he was meant to be. Viewers watch the other characters grow as they interact with Jack and help him through his plight. But it’s more than warm fuzzies. Children learn how to battle the darkness and there is a lesson to be learned about belief and happiness. These fable like aspects make for the perfect family story. It is the humor spun in perfectly that makes it entertaining.  Seeing Bunny reduced to a cute cotton tailed bunny is one of the most entertaining moments in the film.

Between the lush 3-D (the translucent wings on the fairies can’t have been as gorgeous in the2-D) and beautiful animation, even the dark is more beautiful than scary. In fact, it keeps an illustrated feel throughout the movie making it seems like a children’s book actually come to life.

The Rise of the Guardians is rich in story, heavy on laughter, dazzling and there are lessons learned. This is a true mast piece in children’s entertainment.

Wizard World Highlights

Wizard World New Orleans brought together nerds from all the country at the recent convention. Featuring a Star Trek the Next Generation reunion, the comic and sci-fi haven let fans get to know some of their favorite writers, creators, artists, and actors.

 Highlights: Eliza Dushku Panel

 eliza3Eliza Dushku has been featured in every medium presented in the convention. She has starred in a variety of science fiction TV shows and movies, her TV characters’ images have graced the pages of comics, and her voices graces both cartoons and video games. At Saturday’s panel, she answered fan questions discussing her various career outlets as well as her philanthropic work.

In response to this author’s questions concerning the video game Wet, Dushku expressed great enthusiasm for the role. She very much enjoyed the video game and the game’s main character Rubi. She also revealed that she had wanted to do a movie based on the game. The biggest hurdle is obtaining the rights to the material and one is not in any kind of production.

Dushku was also on hand for autographs and photo opportunities throughout the day before she had to get back home for a biology class she is taking.

 Highlights: The Waking Dead Panel

 Jon Bernthal, Norman Reedus, and Michael Rooker answered fan question at The Walking Dead panel ontwd16 Sunday. Rooker was in fine form entertaining the crowd with humor and wit. Reedus joined the panel late after photo ops ran late missing Rooker’s hilarious impression of himself. Bernthal had to answer a lot questions “I’m dead” since his character had nothing to do with the current Season 3.

Fans were warned not to ask questions about upcoming episodes but were able to get insight on the actors and their characters. Rooker shared the story of how he got his voice. After an accident as a child, one vocal cord is paralyzed while the other is bowed. Bernthal explained that his unfortunate mustache was for an upcoming role. Reedus informed the audience that the hardest scene to shoot was the scene was he hung from the cliff while envisioning his brother. It seems scorpions were crawling by his head while Rooker ad-libed.

When the panel ran out of time, the cast suggested that the remaining questions be spit out quickly and they would give one word answers. This fast-fire session was humorous with Rooker replying off “Shut up! Next!” often and everyone got to ask their question.

Comic book fans lined up for autographs from their favorite creators, writers, and inkers. Comic Book legend Stan Lee was in attendance signing books for fans. Booths were set up to sell a variety of nerdy goods from Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure to Doctor Who scarves. Various panels were set up including Q and as with actors, comic book artist spotlights, and psychology of superheroes. The next geek haven in New Orleans will take place in February 2013 and features an appearance by Bruce Campbell.