Make it A Family Night

Whether you want to take your family out or plan on staying in, there is a movie for you and your crew! Read on to find out about the best family oriented releases!

The Seamonkey Took My Money

Finding Nemo 3D

In Theaters

This classic Disney/Pixar tale gets new life with the 3D update. For those of you living in a whale, here’s the gist of Finding Nemo. After a tragedy involving a carnivore attack, Marlin is raises his only son Nemo. Nemo has a bad fin from the accident, and Marlin carries around the emotional pain of loosing his wife and children. Marlin is the most overprotective parents in the sea, and almost does not let Nemo go to school though Nemo has a desire to live his life. After being publicly humiliated by his father, Nemo acts out and is caught by a scuba diver. Marlin must travel unknown waters to rescue his son. He is helped by a fish with short term memory loss, a surfer turtle, and an Australian pelican. These adventures are unknown to poor Nemo who is captured in a fish tank. But away from his father, Nemo is able to grow and find his true strength.

I truly think every parent should watch this including those at the therapeutic horse back riding center where I work. Children need room to grow, and no one, not children, not adults, should be afraid to live life. The beautiful tale of family bonding extends past just those who we are related to. FN captures the idea of friends as family as well, brining Dory it their kelpy arms. It’s also a great statement about children with disabilities and focuses on what they can do, not what they can’t.

FN is just as beautiful as it was in 2003 ago but the 3D aspect is, like the ride in Epcot, a disappointment.  Unlike Beauty and the Beast, FN it does not translate well into 3D (with B&B being hand drawn on different planes, it makes an easy and visual conversion). Since the movie was not programmed to be in 3D, there are few fun gimmicks involved. It’s more like watching the Nightmare Before Christmas than DespicableMe. There are times where the movie gives great depth to the sea or the fish tank, but that is only about a quarter of the movie. The rest just gives you depth between Dory and Marlin.

Despite the fact that the 3D doesn’t add much, Finding Nemo is a pearl. The humor and seriousness blend together well entertaining children and adults alike.

We’re Not Really Girl Scouts…

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Available on Blu-ray & DVD

The makers of Chicken Run are at it again! Aardman Animation introduces us to vagabond claymation pirates who rule the Seven Seas and your TV screen!

The Pirates! Band of misfits is a rollicking tale of tame pirates whose favorite thing is ham night. Hugh Grant voices the Pirate Captain who dreams of being Pirate of the Year. But with his band of misfit pirates and lack of booty, it’s far from an easy win. When the Pirate Captain catches up with Charles Darwin, a scheme is born. They will take the ship’s “parrot” which is actually a dodo and win riches at the Scientist of the Year Awards. But things go south when Darwin stars interfering so he can get in good graces with the queen.

The Pirate Captain learns about fame and friendship in this rousing comedy. Karma is another factor in the plot showing what happens when people do not have the best intentions at heart. The moral side gives the movie teeth balancing out the hilarious antics that are the majority of the movie. Once you’re through laughing till you cry, you are touched by the Pirate Captain and his crew’s plight.

Though rated PG, the movie is more family friendly than you may think. Darwin used the word “ass” once when refereeing to why his monkey is wearing a coat, but that seems to be the only controversial thing. Based on the book The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists by Gideon Defoe (who lends a writing hand on the screen play) children and adults will enjoy the monkey who speaks with note cards, the fake dodo, and the cut throat pirate competition. Martin Freeman, David Tennant and Jeremy Piven lend their voices talents brining the crew alive.

Thoroughly entertaining with moral story telling is great for a night at home with the lights out and popcorn.

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