Drop Dead Diva Ends with a Bang



Drop Dead Diva instantly charmed me. This fairy tale amuses viewers with a story about a model who dies but comes back to earth in a plus-size body. The story balances humor with emotion easily drawing you into the characters’ lives. It’s a love story. It’s a tale of self discovery. But this season became a story of stereotypes.

The writers purposefully push plus-size Jane away from Grayson and towards another man. As much as this delves into the theme of moving on, the choice they made for companion blatantly enforces stereotypes. Jane is engaged to Owen who is both cute and plus-size. It seems that plus-size woman can’t be paired up with trim, gorgeous men. (It doesn’t help that I am not fond of Owen’s character.) When he disappeared I was really excited. But when he came back after hiding heart surgery and resumed their engagement I turned my TV off.

But the shock, romance, and hilarity of the season finale brought me back. The finale came back to what the series was really about: Deb and Grayson. The finale finally gives the viewers what they having been dying to see: Grayson revealing his love and the reappearance of Fred. The twist in the final moments of the show set up a delicious conflict for Deb/Jane.

As is often the case, Jane and Grayson take on a law case that reflects the underlying themes of the episode. A husband is trying to save his wife’s life by legally forcing her to have her brain tumor removed. The wife does not want this treatment because she likes the new person she has become because of the tumor. Because of the rise in her IQ, the wife has grown apart from their husband and wants to divorce him. This brings up emotional struggles within Jane. She’s over Grayson, right? She likes the new person she is, right? Grayson should move on, right?

Meanwhile, the office is shaken up when Luke tell Parker that Kim is pregnant. Kim herself is still struggling with the issues, and Luke’s action cause her to deal with it head on. Up in Heaven, the real Jane is very angry with the way Deb is using her body and her life. She seeks out Fred (yay for Fred!) to return back to earth. While Grayson is professing his love for Deb/Jane at her wedding, Real Jane tricks Fred into letting her hit the return button. She takes over the body of poor Owen who had a heart attack when he saw Deb/Jane and Grayson kissing.

The fairy tale is almost complete now that Deb/Jane and Grayson have confessed their love, and I am interested in seeing how Real Jane will affect this relationship. While these means we still have Owen to contend with, I have a feeling that his character is about to get a lot more interesting and. I still don’t like Luke and maybe that’s the point. And how I wish Mad Men would kill Ben Feldman’s character so we can have Fred back. While I still don’t like Kim and Parker being together maybe it will grow on me once they start a family.

The finale provided much needed relief for fans who thought the executives made a mistake moving away from the Grayson love story. It provided all the things we love about Diva: love, hope, hilarity, and surprise. As usual, I can’t wait to see what is in store next season.



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