This Means More War

This Mean War now on:

DVD, Blu-ray, Combo Pack with Digital Copy

McG directs a homourus talel about two spies vying for the love of one woman. More hilarious and touching than the previews suggested, FDR and Tuck are best friends/brothers who work the CIA. When Reese Witherspoon’s Lauren Scott enters the pictures, the men’s friendship is put in jeopardy. The two make a “gentleman’s” bet to see who Lauren really wants to be. This agreement quickly changes as they pull out every weapon in their arsenal to sabotage each other. The two must get over their differences as a Russian mobster not only puts their lives at risk, but Lauren’s as well.

McG directs with that a quirky style of humor and action. Like the web series Aim High he produces, the move is at the same time funny and thrilling, and it stars really hot guys. The opening sequence is outrageous and rather unbelievable, but the scene is meant to be so. The outrageousness quickly translates into the two men being grounded gving background and moving the plot along. The other actions sequences are toned down to movie believability.

Your heart aches for the sweet Tuck who truly wants a lasting relationship but can still kill a man with his bare hands. Hardy handles these paradoxical sides easy, and Tuck easily becomes my favorite character. Chelsea Handler is hilarious as Lauren’s best friend. She’s the perfect inappropriate friend who says everything you’re thinking but afraid to say. Through no fault of Pine, I never took a liking to FDR even as love begins to change him from the promiscuous playboy. I think my womanly bias comes out every time.



The Blu-ay comes with the theatrical version as well as an extended version. Unlike many movies, the extend version ads longer than 30 seconds. A whole sequence involving Tuck’s “family” has been included. While the scenes are hilarious and I will never complain about having more Hardy, the sequence itself detracts from the story and really puts Tuck in a bad light.

Standard extras include the standard variety of special content. There is a gag reel as well as Commentary by McG as well as deleted scenes. The majority of the deleted scenes were wisely cut as they slowed down the movie and took away from the over all humorous feel. The pre-viz for an alternate scene is a bore.
The most fascinating extra is the alternate endings. With this movie, alternate ending doesn’t just include the same resolution just filmed differently. There is an ending for all of Lauren’s options. Viewer see how the movie would have ended if she had chosen Tuck or FDR and there is even an ending where she chooses herself over them both. Also included is an alternate sequence where Lauren is kidnapped by the Russian mobster and taken to a warehouse. This version is much darker and would have changed the overall tone of the story.

 If you missed This Means War, catch it on DVD, Blu ray or Combo pack. Once you’ve watched and laughed, check out the alternate ending to see what might have been.

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