One Less Angel

Season 4 of Dead Diva Premiers

TV Recap: Spoilers

The newest season of Drop Dead Diva includes lots of drama and a few less laughs. From major plot twists to the loss of a certain guardian angel, the new season is making way for a new path.

When Season 3 ended, Jane had runaway toItalywith her new boyfriend Owen after seeing Stacy and Grayson kissing. She had also convinced Fred to make his own dream because Stacy is no longer committed to him. Stacy, on the other hand, tells Grayson she has no feeling for him and that Jane is actually Deb. Parker has gone to look for the son he just learned about and put Kim in charge as managing partner in his abscesses.

The episode starts with Jane and Owen enjoying Italy. The calm is broken by Teri who has been sent by Kim to bring Jane back. It seems that the law firm is going bankrupt, and Kim needs Jane for a lucrative and high exposure murder case. Once home, she finally has to confront Stacey about the betrayal, and they have to deal with the new issue at hand: Fred’s back–with a new girlfriend.

While Jane advises Fred about how to handle his emotions about his new girlfriend and Stacy, Stacy is given bad advice from a “love guru” played by Kim Kardashian. This ultimately leads to the end of Fred’s new relationship and his relationship with Stacy. When Stacey finally ends it, Fred tells the truth about being a guardian angel in an effort to prove that he truly loved her. This leads to Fred being sent back to heaven and a new guardian angel being assigned.

While Jane deals with this crisis, her murder case is becoming more and more complicated. Several suspects are identified including an ex girl and a jealous boyfriend. Jane then comes to find out her client did commit the murder and she was being manipulated. This causes internal conflicts for Jane. As she is mulling this over, she is introduced to her new guardian angel Luke. It turns out that Luke has invested enough money in the firm to keep it afloat. Meanwhile, Grayson has researched Deb’s death and correlated it with Jane’s shooting. After talking to Stacy, he is sure that Jane is Deb.

I am really excited about the fact that Grayson has learned about Jane/Deb. It’s what viewers have been waiting for since the series started. Though I am curious: are we going to get the fairy tale ending we want or the practical, personal growth version of the situation? I am also exited to see the development of Stacy’s character. She is moving away from the vain, flippant model to a woman with real feelings about men isn’t affected by what brand they are wearing. While it has been a tough road for her, the events of the previous season have culminated in a more diverse charter. And speaking of character development, I would love to see Kim finally end the drama with Parker and get back to the tough skinned woman she used to be.

I am disappointed about loosing Fred. He was snatched away once before only to return after Stacy’s memory is wiped. But with a replacement guardian angel already in house, and Ben Feldman doing a stint on Mad Men, I don’t think Fred will be back. I also don’t understand why there was a need for adding Kim Kardashin as a recurring guest role. Neither her character nor her acting skills were that intriguing. I wonder how many Kardashian fans are tuning in. Also, I was surprised that Parker was back and giving up the search for his son. Can’t he afford good private eyes to find the boy?

Drop Dead Divas makes a few changes this season, and only time will tell which ones will ultimately be good and which ones will be bad.

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