House Locks Up

In the series finale, Dr. Gregory House says “goodbye” to Plainsboro

TV Recap: Includes Spoilers

I admit: I didn’t watch House much this season. House went to jail and the cast changed yet again. The cast changes have been a big problem with the show. Since Season Four there has been no stability of who is on the team let alone who is on the show. When House first started, you had a team that people cared about. It wasn’t all about House; Chase, Foreman and Cameron had great back stories that were explored in some great episodes. Season 4 was saved by the Writers’ Strike and the Suvivor-esque team search stayed a novelty. But by Season 5, it became apparent that constant changing of the cast was detrimental to the show. Seriously, what is the deal with 13? Is Olivia Wilde on the show or not?

House was at its best in Season 2. It involved medical mysteries, meaty plots for all the characters, and House’s lost love. The show picked up again starting in Season 6 as we see Wilson and House fighting over a girl inWilson’s new apartment and Foreman and Chase got more than 30 seconds of screen time. But these later seasons failed to catch the charm of the earlier season, so by Season 8 a lot of the views either left completely or caught it when they had a chance (like I did).

So I was somewhat confused when I tuned in for the final episode. But the writers seemed to understand this would be the case for many viewers, and through dialogue, got all viewers up to speed. House was going back to jail because he violated his parole by flushing season tickets and stopping up the plumbing leading to a ceiling caving in. House was desperate to find away out of this sentence because Wilson has cancer and only had five months to live. Told out of order through “real time” and House’s memories, House travels a desperate journey while dealing with his feelings for losing his friend.

House deals with emotion through visions of the people from his past. Kutner helps House realize he was contemplating suicide while Amber makes and appearance and tells House that death will end the puzzles. Stacey encourages him that he can be loved again even though Cuddy left him, and Cameron urges him on to live (though I loved the comment about him being in hell when he saw her), Meanwhile, Wilson and Foreman are trying to find house  since they both refused to help House get out of jail sentence. They track him to the address of the patient he was treating and find the building is on fire. They see House but his image is quickly replaced by explosion. The corner identifies House’s body by his dental records.

At the funeral, all his past team members, Stacey and his mom speak of House and how he helped them be brave. When it is Wilson’s turn to eulogize, he begins his speech like a best friend but then it ends with anger about how selfish House was. His rant is interrupted by a cell phone ringing. It turns out he has received a text message that says: “Shut Up You Idiot.”

Wilson is then reunited with House who, thanks from help from a repentant patient, was able to fake his death thus getting him out of his jail time. While him being with Wilson while he died was a selfish act, the sacrifice he had to make to do it was not. His desire to be with his best friend in his last five months was greater than his desire for puzzles.

The show wraps up neatly, giving the audience a look into the rest of the teams lives. Cameron has a new man and baby, Taub has his family, Foreman finds House’s ID tag under an uneven table (a hint that House is alive), Adams and Parks off to run test under the guidance of Robert Chase M.D. as Head of Diagnostics. A last moment is spent with House and Wilson. When  Wilson asks for House’s help when the cancer become too much, House gives a typical reply, “Cancer is boring.” The two then put on their helmet and ride their motorcycle enjoyingWilson’s last months.

As a long time fan, I was happy with this wrap up. House changed some but not too much. His team got a happy ending and for people working under him for so long, and they deserve it. Though Wilson’s death is sad, it’s truly the only thing that could move House and cause him to look at his life and actually make a change. His visions of the ones audiences loved along the way were a beautiful wrap up to the cast members we lost too soon.

Though I’m sad to see House go, it was time. It has lived a good life and had peaked early in its run. Instead of vying for 200 episodes and another mediocre season, House left with dignity. And left this fan happy.

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